Protected: Androgen-insensitivity syndrome

Aractus 03, November, 2016

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Census privacy woes

Aractus 04, August, 2016

Updated 8-8-1026 Well. I have been swearing a lot in the last two days at my television. Mostly that’s because the ABS’s chief statistician David W. Kalisch seems to have no fucking clue when it comes to the privacy problems with the 2016 Census. Now I want to say something very clearly. I fully support […]

Enjoy your all new secure experience!

Aractus 07, July, 2016

Welcome to my blog. Let me make this clear from the outset: I don’t share visitor information (in fact I barely even look at it myself). My blog does not set any cookies unless you interact with it (i.e. submit a comment or attempt to log into the administration panel), and is used purely for […]

Is Mental Illness a Sham?

Aractus 22, November, 2015

Well this post will cement my return to tackling the far more controversial and “difficult” topics on my blog. I want to acknowledge that this post does not provide all the answers you may be seeking, but after doing 2 low-level psychology units at university I feel it is imperative to share with you some […]

Dismantling the Pillars of Christian faith

Aractus 12, November, 2015

This post follows on from “Why I’m not a Christian any more” which I wrote a year ago. I drew a picture to demonstrate what I’m talking about, I’m very sorry it’s not very nice, I’m not a good drawer, it was difficult for me. I’m sorry it was the best I could do. The […]

Data retention: The invasion of privacy

Aractus 29, September, 2015

Privacy is a basic human right, defined in Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (see also Right to Privacy in the Digital Age). We should all be very concerned with invasions of our privacy, or where our privacy is not guaranteed. Or when our data is accessed illegally (as in PRISM) by […]

We can be certain of NO resurrection

Aractus 06, September, 2015

The cornerstone of Christianity is the resurrection of their apocalyptic patriarch Jesus. Jesus actually had much less to do with Christianity than you might think. Paul was significantly more influential to the birth and spread of Christianity as we know it than Jesus was. And not Just Paul – John the Baptist, Simeon Peter, and […]

Yahweh’s sacred covenants


I want to make this clear from the onset. These are my arguments – just like the last post. I’m not repeating something I read by some militant anti-Christian atheists – I don’t read books by people like Richard Dawkins. I don’t visit anti-Christian websites or care for their arguments (as I’ve previously pointed out […]

Does the Bible really say THAT?

Aractus 01, September, 2015

Have you ever talked to a hardcore fundamentalist? They will justify anything and everything written in the Bible and claim that every other idea that comes along and challenges the Biblical view is wrong and nothing more than the futile pathetic loathsome concoctions of poor lowly mortal man, which can’t possibly improve upon God’s truly […]

What we atheists believe

Aractus 25, August, 2015

The Aractus Creed (subject to review): We believe in the prophet, our apostolic father, Charles Darwin; Creator of wonder, evolutionary biology, and wonder; We follow the teachings of the great holy book “Origin of Species”; We follow the guidance of his disciplinary descendant, Richard Dawkins; Towards truth, wisdom, discovery, and wonder; Even though sometimes he […]

Christian versus Atheist arguments

Aractus 23, August, 2015

You know time and time again I see Christians and atheists making exactly the same arguments against each other, oblivious to the fact that their argument is equally absurd as the one levelled at them from the other side. If you’re going to get into these discussions and debates you should observe a few simple […]

Academic Essay Writing and Plagiarism

Aractus 10, May, 2015

As you may know, I’m presently studying at undergraduate level. This semester I was required to write a total of three Essays. I have got the result back from my first one, 83/100 (although I have disputed 1 point with the marker and we’ll have to see how that plays out – if I’m successful […]

The science of weight change

Aractus 22, November, 2014

Slightly updated (11/05/2015). Prepare to be grossly disappointed. Brief Intro If you follow my blog you know this entry has been a long-time coming. And in fact this entry will signify the re-starting of this series, since I now have a lot more information that I did originally, I know a lot more about it, […]

Why I’m not a Christian any more

Aractus 21, September, 2014

Intro This is an entry I’ve needed to write, so I’m doing it now to get it done and out of the way. I’ve already been criticised by both sides, some of the comments I’ve been given are completely misguided and well, ignorant. Let me begin by saying that I’m a person that keeps an […]

Stopping the Boats

Aractus 22, July, 2013

This post opens up full page outside of the usual theme, please Click Here to view it. It’s designed for 1080p monitors. These are the images used in the post if you’d like to use them, the ad is 1920 x 2762 pixels, so right click and save target as. This is an interview from […]

Kevin’s Rise

Aractus 15, July, 2013

Since Kevin took back the prime-ministership, he has enjoyed the rising success of becoming exceedingly popular. Once again we see malevolent and destructive behaviour being rewarded – in this case with political power and popularity. It is very sad when we see people who do the wrong thing rise above those who do the right […]

Kevin 57

Aractus 30, June, 2013

In 2007, Australia got a new Prime Minister – Kevin ’07 Rudd. But the so-called “faceless men” came and took away his prime-ministership. If you ask people today who the faceless men were, they might be able to name one – Bill Shorten – but largely they were players who kept themselves out of the […]

Search for the Septuagint

Aractus 05, September, 2012

There are six bodies of text that scholars consult for the Old Testament, three of them are derivative works. The six are as follows: 1. Masoretic Text (the complete extant authorized Hebrew version). 2. Qumran Text (commonly known as the Dead Sea scrolls, contains extensive amounts of OT text, the only complete biblical book is […]

Convenient Misrepresentation: Boldface Lying

Aractus 06, April, 2012

If you’re like most of us, you know people who have lied to your face, I know some quite well. One was so convinced of his lying ability that even when I would say something like “nonsense” they would explode into a straw-man argument saying “how dare you say that it’s nonsense”. There are many […]

Tampering the Climate Evidence (Pt3)

Aractus 22, March, 2012

You’ve probably heard that Anthropogenic Global Warming is an incontrovertible scientific consensus and truth. In fact just the other day Michael Mann was on the telle box rattling on about how it will affect sea levels rise (I don’t know what else he talked about, but I think it involved defending his hockeystick graph). How […]