The Royals “fire” the racist slave!

Aractus 02, December, 2022

In what I can only describe as completely bizarre, this week the UK Royal family has “fired” the racist slave who had been in servitude to them for more than 60 years. Will she be paid severance? Of course not – she’s a slave, she doesn’t get paid either way! It was her “honour” to be a slave to the Royal family, and that honour has been taken away. It’s illegal in the UK for ordinary citizens to own slaves, so she won’t be able to continue in the same line of work.

This should serve to illustrate everything wrong with the Royal Family and the institution of the monarchy and provide a solid example as to why we need to leave such a toxic, out-of-touch, archaic institution that serves to undermine our sovereignty. For reasons I will never understand, Queen Elizabeth II was somehow above public criticism in Australia. A woman that owned household slaves was above public criticism. You may say that Susan Hussey is from the aristocracy and chose to enslave herself – but a slave is still a slave whether it is by choice, and there is no circumstance in which it is ever ethical. I reject that idea outright. If it’s ethical why can’t other households in the UK have slaves? Susan Hussey was Queen Elizabeth II’s right-hand slave.

What Susan Hussey said in her line of questioning to the British comedian Ngozi Fulani was shameful, astoundingly racist, and deliberately malevolent. It’s difficult to imagine anything more sinister, even calling someone a “nigger”, “coon”, or “kafir” to their face is perhaps not as awful as denying someone their identity and their existence entirely which is what Lady Hussey did. Here is the transcript of the exchange, read it for yourself:

Lady Susan Hussey, loyal slave of the royal household: “Where are you from?”

Ngozi Fulani: “Sistah Space.”

Lady Susan Hussey: “No where do you come from?

Ngozi Fulani: “We’re based in Hackney.”

Lady Susan Hussey: “No, what part of Africa are YOU from?”

Ngozi Fulani: “I don’t know, they didn’t leave any records.”

Lady Susan Hussey: “Well, you must know where you’re from, I spent time in France. Where are you from?”

Ngozi Fulani: “Here, UK”

Lady Susan Hussey: “No, but what Nationality are you?”

Ngozi Fulani: “I am born here and am British.”

Lady Susan Hussey: “No, but where do you really come from, where do your people come from?”

Ngozi Fulani: “‘My people’, lady, what is this?”

Lady Susan Hussey: “Oh I can see I am going to have a challenge getting you to say where you’re from. When did you first come here?”

Ngozi Fulani: “Lady! I am a British national, my parents came here in the 50’s when…”

Lady Susan Hussey: “Oh, I knew we’d get there in the end, you’re Caribbean!”

Ngozi Fulani: “No lady, I am of African heritage, Caribbean descent and British nationality.”

Lady Susan Hussey: “Oh so you’re from….”

Hussey was a loyal slave to the royal family for more than 60 years, but slaves are expendable. If she had been an employee in a normal workplace with employee rights, she would be protected from being fired over a single racist outburst and she would instead face other disciplinary action, such as being given a formal warning that if it were to happen again she may be fired. I’m illustrating this to explain that slaves have no rights, and this unfortunate incident proves this. If a slave displeases the royal family they are ruthless and will cut them off at the drop off a pin: if you ask me this action just causes them further embarrassment as their scandalous unethical doings are laid bare for all to witness.

What’s equally shocking and scandalous with this story is that the media is completely ignoring the slavery practises that continue to be used by the Royal household. Slavery is nowhere and never ethical, it is pure evil. It does not make it okay that these Royal slaves are free to leave anytime – it’s still slavery. They are made to serve their masters and do work that goes unpaid, and as soon as they displease their masters they have no rights and can be kicked out. That’s awful, and it’s evil. It’s worse than racism. The monarchy is an institution that supported the wider use of slavery, and if they can’t stop using slaves themselves that’s a strong and obvious indictment against their awful repressive institution. “Lady-in-waiting” might sound like a nice title, but many slaves in history have been given “prestigious” titles especially when they serve royal family members or other prestigious people in the upper-class of society.

I want nothing with to do with this bullshit, there is no way that we can expect the UK Monarchy to reform itself to reflect modern Australian values: we need to cut our ties and make it very clear that we find the monarchy to be an archaic, awful, and profoundly disgraceful institution that is out-of-touch with society and needs to be done away with permanently. The scandal isn’t that they have racists in their ranks, the scandal is that they still have slaves. How they handled this single isolated incident demonstrates that their slaves have absolutely no rights. Look at how they handled Prince Andrew’s allegations by comparison: slow to act and pussyfooting, he’s still above-the-law and cannot be charged with a crime even though it’s obvious that he’s a sex offender, allegedly. Being a sex offender (allegedly) is worse than being a racist.

Also and I want to end on this note, we don’t even know for certain that Lady Susan Hussey is a racist. Yes her comments are undeniably awful and on-par with calling Ms Fulani a “jigaboo” or something similar – I’ll tell you something interesting though. Most Australian can’t even recognise most racial slurs anymore, I’m nearly 40 and I’ve never once heard someone refer to a person as a “gook” for example. Is it even a slur anymore if no one uses it? Australia has moved on – we’ve accepted our people of Asian decent as fully equal to the rest of us. Lady Susan Hussey may not have realised she was being racist – the UK media routinely uses the racist term POC and if you ask me labelling people as POCs is just as awful as using any other racial slur whether it’s “nigger”, “gook” etc. Because what it does is perpetuate the stereotype that the person using the term thinks “all …’s are the same”. If you were to call someone a gook it means you think that all people of South-East Asian decent are the same and different to you in the same way. Similarly if you use the phrase POC it means that you think all POCs are the same in some way, and you’re denying the differences between the different types of racism individual groups in society face. Australians of south-east Asian decent don’t face the same type of racism as Indigenous Australians as an example. So while Lady Susan Hussey was deliberately malevolent, the story that is not being told by the media is that she was a slave to the Royal family for more than 60 years, and it’s the slave-holder who should be held wholly responsible for the dreadful actions of their slaves.

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