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Happy 2011!

Well it’s been an interesting year. I’ve had many difficult conversations with certain people this year; at the same time I have had the displeasure on a number of occasions of having people ram their biased, bigoted views with no interest in hearing those of others. In fact a lot of the time certain people are certain that they are smarter than me and almost anyone else – though they may been mistaken.

On a surprising number of occasions this year people have come out and said how much they hate the Westboro Baptist Church, yet on every single occasion – even when they have also said they hate the preacher or something similar – they are unaware who Fred Phelps is when asked! Now the WBC is not a cult, we should be far more concerned with Scientology, Islam and the other threats to humanity – WBC is not a cult and it is not a threat. I will speak more on this in the future. For now I will say I find it sad that so often we are so ignorant as to seriously believe – not only that we are “better”, but that other people are so much worse than us.

I have been busy putting together mathematical and physical ideas and theories so as to bring subject into great light this coming year. Tonight I was busy observing crowd behaviour in Civic, just to see the patterns that apply. If you look at a Bird’s nest shortly before their eggs are going to hatch you can say that you know that most/all of the eggs will hatch – but you won’t know in what order. In the same way that after they hatch and the parents go and get food to feed their young it’s impossible to know which chick will be fed first and which last, but yet we know they will all be fed. Patterns.

Well that’s it for this year – happy 2011!


Atheists often believe Christians such as myself are less intellectual than they are. Recently on a certain forum I was told I should study physics; in response to this I talked nothing but physics for the remainder of the thread. Needless to say, not a single other person could even discuss it at my level.

This leads me to a question: Why the f.h.hell would you tell someone that they should study something that you have absolutely no idea about? Next year I will probably do an entire series of blog entries on physics alone. I will guide you through “knowledge” and “theory”; or more appropriately “imaginations” and “illusions”. I will prove I possess certain knowledge about physics; and that I do not hold heretical scientific views.

GillardJulia Gillard claimed that a certain Wikileaks organization is illegal; in specific she claimed that Julian Assange has acted illegally. She was faced to alter that certain accusation to “grossly irresponsible”.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out why she made the ludicrous claim that she did: the federal government wants to implement a net filter, and Wikileaks is a prime suspect for filtering out.

I’m not in favour of the filter mind you, I think once you go down that path you’re no better than China.

I find myself quite disappointed by this. Wikileaks has already proven to be useful in releasing informative and relevant information. Such as real civilian casualty numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For decades western governments have been perfectly okay with media releasing confidential papers they have obtained, but as soon as a media organization specializes in just that activity they are immediately targeted by governments. It’s telling.

What about the 2004 US military scandal at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq? Rape, Torture, Humiliation and Murder were the order of the day, until a whistleblower came forward. Within hours of these events going live “independent journalist” the late Joe Vialls released another series of images he had obtained; showing that the event was probably even worse than was being reported (since he had photographic proof of rape as well, which he posted). And although we know for certain that these photos exist even by mainstream accounts they were never published by the mainstream media! Manadel al-Jamadi was a certain Iraqi gentlemen who was murdered by US officials; who have never been charged with his murder.

Whistle blowing is important. I believe strongly in the media, and I hope to see Wikileaks continue to publish good, honest, material.

PayPal and Wikileaks

Just as a side-note, sometime soon I’ll deliver either a blog, or series of blogs, on the gap between “fact” and “theory” in physics and science. Specifically I’ll address how science (that is the mainstream accepted viewpoint) ignores certain evidence that contradicts present theories.

Now with this blog entry I’m going to concentrate on only one thing: policing the market.

In the past, we have determined that a separation of powers is absolutely necessary. If you are familiar with this concept, then you would understand that certain service providers cannot cease a service to a client without either a court order or due process. This also protects tenants who are late or behind in rent; they cannot immediately be kicked out; they have statutory rights.

In the same way, your utility provider cannot simply switch off your gas and electricity suddenly without warning (unless there’s a court order to do so), and so forth. Iinet made this case as their defence in AFACT V Iinet, and won in the High Court of Australia; Iinet provides a service; and AFACT had argues that Iinet should police its usage, the court heard, correctly, that no they should not.

So with this in mind, imagine my horror at the latest Wikileaks scandal; PayPal freezes Wikileaks donations. Well, it’s without surprise I’m afraid, PayPal is notoriously bad like this; they do police their own usage and have polices on what you can and cannot receive money for (yeah, I’m not even joking).

Wouldn’t it be interesting if major banks started doing the same thing to businesses? In every State in Australia (not the Territories), selling pornography is illegal. But it’s not enforced. Could you imagine what would happen if banks stated saying “we’ve frozen your Eftpos accounts and reversed thousands of transactions because we determined you’re selling a prohibited product”? Yet PayPal gets away with this nonsense!

In the UK at the moment there are violent protests over the university fee increases. All I can say to that is the same thing. I have no sympathy for the UK students. I’m sorry, but rioting is a form of civil misconduct; it’s literally the rioters attempting to police the market.

I can’t understand why you would decide “oh we’re not happy with this, so we’re going to take direct action against people who aren’t even our enemies”. You know, it isn’t the fault of the UK police that their country is in a dire financial state.

In my next entry I will deal with Wikileaks, and discuss the implications of current affairs.

Toxic Relationships?

Before we get started, let me refer to an article in Sunday’s Canberra Times noting that Bryant’s Mother recently said that asking her son to plead guilty is her biggest regret and that she believes there are important questions left unanswered. I will note it says she now sees her son once a fortnight; I do know from researching the case that Bryant didn’t allow any visitors for a long time, so it is interesting this has now changed.


Today I’m going to talk about relationships; specifically: romantic relationships.

There’s a few things I hear – quite often – that simply don’t gel well with me. The first is that “I could never be alone”. Not only is it insulting to bachelors like myself, it’s rude and selfish and above all it’s unappealing. What is attractive about someone who says “I can’t be alone”?

The “bad boy” image seems to often attract a rather strong feminine response. But what is truly puzzling isn’t the fact that women find this image attractive, but rather that they find bad people attractive. Men then drag women into their depravity. This is even more selfish and more rude and unappealing than the first trait.

Drug addicts, sex offenders, abusive men, alcoholics, etc. In what world does it make sense that these people should attract women?

This attitude of taking advantage of women (or other people for that matter) is simply insulting to real men. Why should we have to put up with this kind of arrogant behaviour by those who think that they’re God’s gift to women, but make life hell for women? How is it possible, in what world is it possible, that women would rather be with men like this, than be 1. alone, 2. more respectable men?

I am absolutely pleading for sanity here.

Now I’m not saying that what’s in someone’s past should haunt them forever, or anything like that – rather I’m talking about who someone is in the present.

Having known people in, and who have been through problem relationships, I can attest to the fact that people do indeed put being with “just anyone” ahead of being “alone”. Sometimes I count myself selfish for being content with singularity.

Sexuality is a topic that is seldom discussed at great length in society, rather certain “norms” become unspoken rules. Yet there are people in our society with vastly different views on homosexuality, marriage, prostitution, adultery, promiscuity and casual sex.

A few years back I commented on the “new” studies showing that circumcision is almost as effective as condom use in preventing the spread of HIV (from women to men). This was, I think, prior to all three studied being completed when two out of the three studies had reported their findings. That particular forum was filled with people who then said to me “you’re an idiot if you think circumcision prevents HIV” and what-not; and they wouldn’t even look at the links I posted! A couple of years later, WHO made it an official recommendation.

Nevertheless sometimes in everyday conversation sexuality does come up, as do STI’s. I find it alarming that most people have no idea what HPV is when asked. When told it’s the world’s most prevalent STI, most are still ignorant of the symptoms which include several cancers including cervical cancer; in fact it is believed that the only cause of cervical cancer is HPV.

I’ve also had the conversation with people who have had the cervical cancer vaccine who have no idea that the vaccine is not 100% effective. The vaccine blocks certain strands of HPV that between them account for 60-70% of cervical cancer. The remaining 30-40% is caused by other strands of HPV for which the vaccine doesn’t immunize against.

Now to be fair HPV is relatively harmless most of the time, but it doesn’t mean that ignorance is okay. HPV spreads through genital skin contact, thus making it far easier to catch – even with condom use – then most other infections.

The Pope said, not that long ago, that condoms are not an effective means of preventing the spread of HIV. He is correct, in asserting that behavioural change is more important then using precautions; but that said a dangerous activity is made less dangerous with the right tools. Driver is safer with a seat belt; promiscuity is safer with circumcision and condom use.

But wait, if the Western world is now recommending to Africa that they circumcise the male population to contain HIV, how come we’re not doing it here in our own countries?

A year or so ago it was reported that parts of Sydney and Melbourne have infection rates of HIV as high as 30%; rivalling many African countries. The overall rate of HIV among gay men in Australia remains higher than 6%; which is well high enough to recommend adopting circumcision as part of the preventative measures done in Australia (besides the much dreaded abstinence that is).