Happy 2011!

Aractus 31, December, 2010

Well it’s been an interesting year. I’ve had many difficult conversations with certain people this year; at the same time I have had the displeasure on a number of occasions of having people ram their biased, bigoted views with no interest in hearing those of others. In fact a lot of the time certain people […]


Aractus 17, December, 2010

Atheists often believe Christians such as myself are less intellectual than they are. Recently on a certain forum I was told I should study physics; in response to this I talked nothing but physics for the remainder of the thread. Needless to say, not a single other person could even discuss it at my level. […]

PayPal and Wikileaks

Aractus 12, December, 2010

Just as a side-note, sometime soon I’ll deliver either a blog, or series of blogs, on the gap between “fact” and “theory” in physics and science. Specifically I’ll address how science (that is the mainstream accepted viewpoint) ignores certain evidence that contradicts present theories. Now with this blog entry I’m going to concentrate on only […]

Toxic Relationships?

Aractus 06, December, 2010

Before we get started, let me refer to an article in Sunday’s Canberra Times noting that Bryant’s Mother recently said that asking her son to plead guilty is her biggest regret and that she believes there are important questions left unanswered. I will note it says she now sees her son once a fortnight; I […]