Happy 2011!

Aractus 31, December, 2010

Well it’s been an interesting year. I’ve had many difficult conversations with certain people this year; at the same time I have had the displeasure on a number of occasions of having people ram their biased, bigoted views with no interest in hearing those of others. In fact a lot of the time certain people are certain that they are smarter than me and almost anyone else – though they may been mistaken.

On a surprising number of occasions this year people have come out and said how much they hate the Westboro Baptist Church, yet on every single occasion – even when they have also said they hate the preacher or something similar – they are unaware who Fred Phelps is when asked! Now the WBC is not a cult, we should be far more concerned with Scientology, Islam and the other threats to humanity – WBC is not a cult and it is not a threat. I will speak more on this in the future. For now I will say I find it sad that so often we are so ignorant as to seriously believe – not only that we are “better”, but that other people are so much worse than us.

I have been busy putting together mathematical and physical ideas and theories so as to bring subject into great light this coming year. Tonight I was busy observing crowd behaviour in Civic, just to see the patterns that apply. If you look at a Bird’s nest shortly before their eggs are going to hatch you can say that you know that most/all of the eggs will hatch – but you won’t know in what order. In the same way that after they hatch and the parents go and get food to feed their young it’s impossible to know which chick will be fed first and which last, but yet we know they will all be fed. Patterns.

Well that’s it for this year – happy 2011!

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