What to do when viruses target antiviruses?

Aractus 25, July, 2011

One of the main reasons I don’t like running antivirus software is because I usually don’t need to. Recently I managed to install a particularly pesky virus, although mostly harmless, it would insist on closing any antivirus software that discovered it and then changing the file-permissions to disallow access to it. It also had an […]

How much will we cool the planet?

Aractus 21, July, 2011

In my last entry I talked about how climate change is real, but CO2 can only be partly responsible – if at all. I personally don’t agree that CO2 is contributing to global warming at all, and after studying the science I concluded that the most it could have contributed of the 0.7 deg. trend […]

Global Climate Scare!

Aractus 12, July, 2011

It is a dark day when Australia decides to jump on the world-renowned climate scaremongering team. If you understand the science behind global warming being attributed to the “enhanced greenhouse effect” then you understand that you don’t understand the science of climate change. Any other position is an outright lie. Julia Gillard announced a new […]