No Time to Die: Review

Aractus 19, November, 2021

This review is spoiler-light. Conclusion This film is a bloated mess. Positives This was by far the film that took itself the least seriously and had the most humour in the Craig-era Bond. The humour from the classic-era was throughout and it was spot-on. The early action sequences were very well made as well and […]

The delayed-choice quantum eraser is finally debunked

Aractus 04, November, 2021

By Sabine Hossenfelder: Wait. Didn’t I say this a decade ago? Yes indeed I did, and admittedly I did get some things with my old analysis wrong, but I was 2/3rds of the way there which is a LOT closer than people who were saying “oh yes this experiment proves entanglement has effects going backwards […]