Climate Change or Climategate? The Global Lie. Pt1.

Aractus 16, January, 2012

Is global warming just bad science – or is it something more, is there an actual conspiracy at work? How would you feel if you knew for certain that CO2 is not causing any harm to our planet? What if I told you that predictions of the amount of CO2, the amount of warming, and […]

Pornography: No child is sacred.

Aractus 03, January, 2012

HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL: Blowing the lid off the multibillion dollar industry. Child pornography laws in Australia are prohibitively, and ludicrously, strict. Child Porn is a child protection issue; yet there has been a conviction of a man for having depictions of Simpsons characters engaging in incest; and even photographs of women over 18 with an A-cup […]

Pornography: Lies, Myths and Abuse. Pt2.

Aractus 02, January, 2012

Effects of the industry can be felt by performers after they leave the industry. One example is Robert Kerman – he was highly sought after by pornographers during the 70s and 80s when he was active in the industry because of his ability to act, which would land him in significant and lead roles. However […]