If Physics was Mathematical…

Aractus 31, January, 2011

Modern science often leads towards a very blind pathway. For instance, a few entries back I brought up Occam’s razor, this entry we’re going to explore it further. A simple calculation for Pi is 7/22. Of course it’s wrong, and we know this. Realistically speaking in science we would never, ever require more than the […]

Evolution: Pseudoscience

Aractus 26, January, 2011

Last time I explained that some physicists – in that case cosmologists – strongly believe the world functions in the way in which their window of science deals with. In other words, they will tell you everything is somehow related to general relativity, for instance Stephen Hawking says that gravity is what produced the universe! […]

Cosmology: What a Load of Science-Fiction!

Aractus 19, January, 2011

Cosmologists tell us many things about the universe, which they believe emphatically, and some they believe with good reason. Others show their faith in general relativity is well beyond the scope of how science is supposed to be used. The orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars can all be explained using Newton’s Laws, which […]

Uncertainty Certainly Un-Testable

Aractus 16, January, 2011

In my last article I delivered a horrible truth to you, that physics is not about truth. Today you’re going to learn something even more horrible: quantum mechanics is largely un-testable and that makes it pseudoscience. I’m going to address the uncertainty principle. According to the “correct” scientific view, all matter exists as a superstition […]

Physics is theoretical

Aractus 12, January, 2011

Okay, it’s time my readers learned the awful truth. Brace yourselves. Physics is not about truth. In fact Science as a whole suffers from this problem. If you want truth, stick to mathematics. Mathematical formulas cannot be falsified, unlike scientific theory. One of the most telling traits of Physics, and Science as a whole for […]

QM prediction fails!

Aractus 07, January, 2011

There was a woman in the shop today. She had three bags nested inside each other in addition to her handbag. Her behaviour was mathematically computable; as long as you appreciate the process of chaos. Her bags are arranged in that way for shoplifting, she’s a thief. She thinks she can take her bags apart […]

The theory of Evolution

Aractus 02, January, 2011

Today I’m going to deliver by my blog the textbook definition of Evolution, without referring to a textbook since I know the theory back-the-front. I’m surprised by how many people try to say “that’s not in the theory of Evolution” or “it’s not like that”, they’re usually Darwinists who don’t actually know the theory of […]