Doctor Who is back to disappoint

Aractus 02, January, 2020

While there are some parts of the debut Season 12 episode “Spyfall” the I liked, there is much to disappoint including this:

'Great Victoria Desert'
Full summer grass cover
Definitely not the Aussie outback

Australia has barely featured in Doctor Who, I don’t think we’ve been in a single episode of ‘New Who’ as a location Doctor Who actually goes to. And this is what they think the Australian outback looks like? It doesn’t look remotely like the Australian outback to me – I’m 100% certain they didn’t shoot that in Australia, and 95% sure it’s South Africa. The only “Australian” vegetation shown are the Gum Trees and the browned-over summer grass (which doesn’t grow in the desert – you’ll find native grasses like Spinifex that grow in clumps), the native red Australian soil is nowhere to be found. The Gum Trees are not even the right species that you’d find in the outback, the main species of Gum in the outback is the Mallee Tree. Yes all the characters keep their coats and jackets on as well. Plenty of cloud cover and all the outdoor shots with the characters is overcast with no shadows.

Wanna see what the Great Victoria Desert actually looks like?

Why oh why try to pass off South Africa as Australian outback?

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