Aractus 09, December, 2020

There are some major changes to the blog I think everyone will like. Firstly, almost all content on the blog is now under a CC-BY-SA AU 3.0 copyright license (essentially the same license used by Wikipedia). Please read my new Copryright Policy in full. Note it doesn’t cover my theme, any media, or blog comments. But it covers (at the time of writing) all blog posts.

I now have a clear and concise Copyright Policy.

I have finally updated the theme to respond to large resolutions. I will update the existing post to reflect the changes made. I am well aware I haven’t fixed the header yet for large resolutions, I hope to do that soon.

I have completely replaced the blog’s footer. The last remnant from Wood Is Good is gone. Truth be told this is how I originally envisioned the header of the blog, but after days of rigorous testing I have a completely responsive footer.


Remember this blog loads no external resources at all, except by proxy.

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