Aractus 17, December, 2010

Atheists often believe Christians such as myself are less intellectual than they are. Recently on a certain forum I was told I should study physics; in response to this I talked nothing but physics for the remainder of the thread. Needless to say, not a single other person could even discuss it at my level.

This leads me to a question: Why the f.h.hell would you tell someone that they should study something that you have absolutely no idea about? Next year I will probably do an entire series of blog entries on physics alone. I will guide you through “knowledge” and “theory”; or more appropriately “imaginations” and “illusions”. I will prove I possess certain knowledge about physics; and that I do not hold heretical scientific views.

Julia Gillard claimed that a certain Wikileaks organization is illegal; in specific she claimed that Julian Assange has acted illegally. She was forced to alter that certain accusation to “grossly irresponsible”.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out why she made the ludicrous claim that she did: the federal government wants to implement a net filter, and Wikileaks is a prime suspect for filtering out.

I’m not in favour of the filter mind you, I think once you go down that path you’re no better than China.

I find myself quite disappointed by this. Wikileaks has already proven to be useful in releasing informative and relevant information. Such as real civilian casualty numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For decades western governments have been perfectly okay with media releasing confidential papers they have obtained, but as soon as a media organization specializes in just that activity they are immediately targeted by governments. It’s telling.

What about the 2004 US military scandal at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq? Rape, Torture, Humiliation and Murder were the order of the day, until a whistleblower came forward. Within hours of these events going live “independent journalist” the late Joe Vialls released another series of images he had obtained; showing that the event was probably even worse than was being reported (since he had photographic proof of rape as well, which he posted). And although we know for certain that these photos exist even by mainstream accounts they were never published by the mainstream media! Manadel al-Jamadi was a certain Iraqi gentlemen who was murdered by US officials; who have never been charged with his murder.

Whistle blowing is important. I believe strongly in the media, and I hope to see Wikileaks continue to publish good, honest, material.

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