Trump V. Turnbull

Aractus 02, February, 2017

Turnbull on Sunday: Tells Australians that Trump has agreed to honour the deal made under the Obama administration.

Tuesday-Wednesday: White House spokesman say that no decision has been made yet whether to progress with the deal, and that any refuges would need to face “extreme vetting”. Note that we’re talking about people who have already been assessed as having g refugee status!

Meanwhile Turnbull insists the deal is good.

Washington Post today: Trump hung up on Turnbull more than half an hour early, was angry, and said it was the worst call from a world leader. Furthermore he called the refugee-swap deal “the worst deal ever”, saying “I don’t want these people” and telling Turnbull it was “his intention” to honour the pre-existing agreement – a phrase used to allow him plenty of wiggle room later so he can (presumably) say “despite my best intentions we cannot honour Obama’s arrangement”.

Meanwhile Turnbull still insists the deal is good!

The Presidential Twitter account today:

Dead, buried, and cremated. Enough said!

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