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Aractus 07, July, 2016

Welcome to my blog. Let me make this clear from the outset: I don’t share visitor information (in fact I barely even look at it myself). My blog does not set any cookies unless you interact with it (i.e. submit a comment or attempt to log into the administration panel), and is used purely for Wordpress functions. Even if you do this you are well within your rights to delete cookies or block them altogether, I don’t care.

If this is your first visit then please check out what I have had to say about internet privacy in the past. To sum it up, my stance is that advertisers and others that store unnecessary information is an invasion of your privacy, and I highly suggest taking measures to ensure you can browse the web privately, and securely.

From today on my website is now secure. For you, that means that no one else can see what you browse on the https://blog.aractus.com/ domain. For me, it means more secure access to the administration panel. You will notice a green coloured padlock to the left of the website address in your address bar, which will also display “https://” showing it is a secure connection. You can also view the SSL report for my domain at any time on Qualys (now” A+”):


Many thanks to Let’s Encrypt, SSL For Free, and hell IX too for allowing creation of the CSR in the control panel.

I have also tweaked the now well out of date theme from XHTML1.0 to HTML5. This means I can now host my own videos without needing to rely on external services such as Youtube. I have also converted the old flash video that links to Operation Clambake to .mp4 (yes it is 4x the file size, but, it’s still only 158kb!) Here is the new video:

If you didn’t know any better you’d think it is an animated GIF, and it’s about time we freed ourselves from these old outdated formats! The original flash video (41.0kb) is here, and a larger video render is here.

Please continue reading and enjoy your secure and private experience!


PS I have identified the first other website so far to use LE’s SSL: Thimbleweed Park! That’s quite appropriate considering the fact I need to redevelop and relaunch ScummGames!

PPS: I have now identified many more and it’s so great to see the web using such a great free resource!

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