Hillary you lost: accept it

Aractus 15, November, 2016

Following the US Presidential election something very interesting has happened. It’s also quite serious and I’m not writing to make light of it. Now I know some of you might think “that doesn’t sound like Aractus, he hates the US”, but there are two reasons why I need to be serious about this. Firstly, because the blame lies with certain people but not with others. And secondly, because as much as I’m loathed to admit this – the yanks, not Aussies make up the largest visitor group to this blog.

Many yanks have felt completely dismayed, blind-sighted, betrayed, and angry about the Presidential election result. As a result there have been non-stop protesting for six straight days now in the US. It doesn’t surprise me at all that this has happened. Obama and Clinton fostered the environment for this to happen by repeatedly warning people that Trump was the complete antithesis of what a President should be, and that everyone was in real danger if he were to win the election. Not only did they say these statements, but then they doubled-down on them in the final days leading to the election as well.

The media questioned whether the Donald would accept the election result, noting they didn’t want “another 2000” (referring to Al Gore’s attempt to have the Florida vote recounted). Look this whole thing highlights some of the institutional problems with the US voting system, most notably its lack of integrity. But with that said, Hillary refused to deliver a concession speech on election night – something which she was expected to do, instead sending out John Podesta to tell their supports that they might still win and go to bed.

Now she’s blaming the FBI for “interfering” with the election, and claiming they cost her the Presidency. This does not help the situation in the US, where some people are feeling great anxiety, stress, depression, and a range of other strong emotions following what they perceive as a shocking outcome of the election. It is Hillary denying her responsibility, and her role in the election. Is she really claiming that she was just a pawn in all of this? Hillary lost because she’s a corrupt politician, because she’s a criminal, because her real policies were unpopular, and because she had to be “coached” into articulating “Bernie policies” which she never intended to keep. Only a conspiracy theorist nut would believe that the election was controlled by a combination of Wikileaks, Russia, and the FBI!

The only person she has to blame in this is herself. Stand up and take some god-damned responsibility for your own campaign, your own actions, your own policies, and your own failings to create any real enthusiasm in the base.

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