The bitter stench of BP’s oil

Aractus 09, July, 2010

You know, the oil spill is bad enough, especially its environmental implications, but then to politicise this escapade insults the intelligence of every human being on the planet.

We’ve forgotten that thirteen people were killed. The news isn’t interested in that; but is more interested in the political aspects. The Poms blame Obama, and Obama blames BP, and BP blames the oil rig. The British aren’t happy about this, after all they do own 40% of the shares.

There are only a finite number of possibilities arising from this disaster, and the least likely is that BP will rebound in its own right. More than likely it will be brought out by another company to avoid bankruptcy. This is where, though, the deceptiveness of world leaders shows: Obama has held nothing back in attacking BP for this environmental disaster; and Cameron has defended BP saying that “It is in everyone’s interests that BP continues to be a financially strong and stable company”. Actually, what he means is that it’s in his best interests because the UK has so much invested in it. Political corruption; ahh isn’t the taste sweet?

Obama and Cameron could not possibly be further apart on their opinions of the disaster. It would not surprise me if the UK government attempts to bail out the oil giant in the future; but what is nonsense is the argument that has been made. Who care’s about British superannuation funds (aka pension funds)? Well – okay – lots of people, fair enough; but that does not override the integrity of a company. You can’t just say “oh because such and such owns this company you must accept that its a reputable and important company that should not face hardship”, that’s ridiculous! There’s a word for what that is: communism. In a free-market economy you’re just going to have to accept the facts that in any investment there are risks, and this is one of those times that those risks turned out for the worst.

I’m not saying that BP meant this to happen, no. Just that they need to be held accountable for what they’ve done. I’m no tree-hugger, but even I sit up and take notice when something of this magnitude happens; when decent folk have oil all over their beaches and when marine life is adversely affected.

For those of you in some way affected by this, you may be interested in this website.

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