Pornography: What they don’t tell you. Pt1.

Aractus 14, December, 2011

In this part we’re going to explore some of the facts about porn, some of which are often refuted by those who want to defend it, and many of which fly into direct contradiction with what the adult industry wants us to know or appreciate about their industry. But may come as no surprise to you…

Pornography is not a direct extension of prostitution, although the two are similar and their paths do cross.

Firstly we’ll consider health risks.

There are many different types of “scenes” that are shot for porn. Those showing conventional sex, those showing unconventional sex including orgies, etc and other “extreme insertion” movies.

Conventional sex is of course fine, for the most part, but there are two areas that do raise concerns: 1. the amount of sexual activity is very high (generally 5-6 hours of sex per shooting day) and 2. the lack of condom-use combined with the very high number of sexual partners.

Unconventional sex. For the most part the same rules apply. In addition a. anal sex causing tearing of the anal tissue and damage can lead to longer-term problems if not allowed to heal correctly, 2. some women “enjoy pain”, and some who don’t but do partake in more “extreme insertions” that can causing lining damage, etc, regularly without healing properly can also cause longer-term effects. 3. In addition in scenes containing transfers from one orifice to another where anal sex is involved can transfer faecal matter, and as such transfer of any number of harmful pathogens.

For the remainder of this blog entry we’ll talk about more “extreme porn”, along with this there is of course the further issue of the psychological effects – and we’ll get to this later. Many women enter the porn industry and leave within 6 months, hating every minute of filming, many have physically painful scenes to endure and plenty are simply degraded by the types of scenes that they have to film – or simply just by the fact that their scenes are out there for all to see. Of course, even if a woman is being paid – having physically painful sex for 5-6 hours is still well and truly blurring the line between consensual sex and rape. More on this later.

The two most extreme forms of porn are 1. Child Pornography and 2. Bestiality. The size of the US porn industry is estimated at US$12 Billion. The size of the child porn industry in the US alone is estimated at around US$2-3 Billion, and over 50% of the world’s child porn on the internet comes from the USA.

Supporters of mainstream pornography insist that the industry is not connected to or in any way similar to child porn or bestiality. But some of the so-called “mainstream” content is so violent, vulgar and repulsive that even those who think they watch extreme hardcore action may be disgusted by some of the content produced, which involves vomiting, choking, slapping, urination and forcing. Is the line between so-called “legitimate” consensual sex acts and rape not blurred when female performers are beaten, abused and humiliated? Most viewers wouldn’t want to see this, but a female performer may well be experiencing extreme pain in scenes especially involving difficult sexual positions. Legally speaking a person cannot consent to an act which causes them serious harm, so legally there is certainly a case that many mainstream pornographic scenes – even those which are conventional sex only – could be rape.

The notorious underage porn star Traci Lords appeared in about 100 films from 1984-1986 when she was 16-17 years old. After her real age was revealed (and thus it became clear that it was child porn) the movies were withdrawn from sale. Lords, however, continued in her role as a porn star. The movies continue to be circulated wherever there is not a law against child pornography; she is only believed to have made one pornographic movie after her 18th birthday.

Although this may have been an oversight by the people involved, I assure you that child pornography is indeed a multi-billion dollar booming industry in which pornographic films depicting children are produced for profit. What this means, essentially, is that children – of all ages – are being molested in order to create pornographic films.

Worse still, the demand for this industry has caused it to expand – which means an increased number of individual sex-abuse victims (molested/raped children). A significant proportion of the content depicts sadism – bestiality, torture, bondage, etc. Also a very significant proportion of adults who are convicted of possessing the material also have abused children themselves – which one leads to the other is not significant here, after all I’m sure if most normal non-paedophiles were shown child pornography it wouldn’t entice them to commit vulgar acts against children, although it might make them feel very sick.

Because we ignore the problem doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Remember how I said that pornography is not an extension of prostitution but the two are similar? Well consider this. The vast majority of women who enter the industry are either 1. coming from a troubled background (abused as children, etc) or 2. are addicted to drugs or alcohol. A small few do join in order to make some “big money” and then leave with it in their pocket. Many who enter the industry and last 6 months, although they may be getting paid upwards of $600 per shoot leave essentially penniless. So it does indeed prey on the weak and vulnerable. Yes some women do prosper in the system – but only a very few. After all, some women do enjoy pain and believe it to be part of their identity.

There are some people who do enjoy seeing others humiliated, tortured and abused – of course this is why such violent and extreme “mainstream” content is available, coupled with the massive child porn industry and the bestiality industry.

I have seen plenty of films depicting actual death (mondo films). Ten years ago or so when I first saw some which included people being hit by trains, or falling from buildings it was indeed shocking, I may have even been offended at the time. Today it does not offend me, but when I see it I do get an unpleasant feeling seeing people die. I’ve seen war footage and plenty of excerpts from films like Faces of Death – and photographic content including the uncensored images from the Abu Ghraib incident. I don’t have a problem with the content so to speak. But I find it unthinkable that someone could gain any form of gratification from it. Some of it is even for me extremely difficult to watch – do a search for Al Qaeda executions and see what you think.

In a similar way I struggle to see how people can be gratified by depictions of violent sex in pornography. I could almost sympathise with those who feel that they themselves get pleasure from pain being inflicted on them; but inflicting pain on others?

This is what troubles me most. I could appreciate and identify more with the … female perspective? As far as I’m concerned real men wouldn’t abuse women…..

More to come in Pt2!

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