More changes are coming…

Aractus 29, July, 2016

I want to let YOU know about upcoming changes here.

I’m developing my own ‘wordpress theme’, which in other word means my own code. It will look substantially similar to the current ‘wood is good’ theme, but will be pure XML (as opposed to pseud-SGML) and optimised for different resolutions (responsive). In addition I’ve been updating some of the graphics, such as the banner links I have in the footer. Those links are all based on this Maxthon graphic:


Well it’s actually two graphics that I found on and saved as a single graphic. Ah that takes me back. Good quality banner-link graphics are hard to come by these days, so I am hoping to bring everything to a consistent quality level. I have also been working on a brand new tiling brick background that looks like this:

Tiling Bricks Preview

It’s not a photo, but it is based on this photo I took:

Bricks Photo

I found it quite challenging to make the mortar look realistic, however I’m very pleased with the result. Here’s a full size comparison…


Bricks Photo Full Size

Tiled image:

Tiled Image Full Size

You might wonder why I don’t just go grab a readily available free stock image off the internet.  I could do that, however this is my chance to make everything the way I want it, not just use things other people have created for other purposes. It also allows me to express my own creativity and personalise the website to be the way I want it to be.

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