“M” For Murder

Aractus 08, November, 2011

Murray is a common criminal. His actions as a doctor were deplorable enough without having caused Jackson’s death. A doctor is supposed to help your physical wellbeing. If your patient is addicted to powerful drugs which they do not need to take, or at least don’t need to take in the dosages they’re using them, then – obviously – it’s their doctor’s job not to feed their addiction, but to help their patient to break it.

You know, I’ve known people who have become addicted to powerful prescription medication. It’s an ugly thing. Their doctors, however, obviously have the best intentions for their clients. But if they see them only once in a 10-15 minute appointment every few months they don’t know as much about their clients as their family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. However Murray was in a position where he saw his client daily and had full knowledge of the abuse of drugs his client was involved in.

And what makes me sick to my core is that he completely discarded his duty of care as a doctor and had – make no mistake – no intention to help his client’s health, all he intended to do was profit from his client’s problem. How fucking pathetic, low and criminal.

The worst part of all was that he did this to someone innocent. Michael Jackson never hurt anyone in his life; he was taken for a ride by some, but he never hurt anyone in the world. The media slammed him for dangling his baby out of a window; something he did because he wanted to show him off to the media. Steve Irwin dangled his baby in front of a fucking crocodile and no one talks about that or calls him a bad dad.

That said, did he hurt his child? Of course not. Maybe not a very smart thing to do, but he didn’t hurt anyone.

It is my conviction that it is evil beyond belief to hurt someone like this. In a position of trust, and of power over their wellbeing. Indeed in fact in power over their life or death. Someone who never hurt anyone. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m certain my closet contains more skeletons that Michael Jackson’s. I have weaknesses that I never saw in him. Weaknesses like anger. I don’t have the same weakness with drugs, but I empathise nonetheless because Jackson’s peers his friends and doctor etc didn’t intervene and help him.

Murray didn’t just kill someone who had it coming. He was in a position to put a stop to his client’s drug abuse. He could have at the very least said “I want to help make you well”. Instead, when he killed his client he started covering up the evidence before he called emergency.

When I think about all the people who profited from this entertainer’s life-long misery it makes me sick to my core. I can emphasise with this because I’ve had people treat me like fucking rubbish too. Think about how much joy and entertainment Jackson created, and profited from, without hurting anybody. That is truly inspirational. It’s disgusting that people can be so consumed with greed as to want to profit from somebody else’s work and fortune by bringing them down.

I’m not a true Jackson fan. I can’t say that he wasn’t talented, I have nothing bad to say about his work and I’m just calling it how it is. People came into his life, profited from him – without actually helping or accomplishing anything in their own right – and then left him for dead. These are my feelings on this case.

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