Hi, I’m an Islamophobic

Aractus 21, June, 2010

Okay, back to business.

Let’s talk about organized religion. A topic for another day will be the theory of the big bang, which was adopted after the discovery that the universe is expanding. To say that the universe had an origin, supposes that it was indeed created; and to say that it was created infers divine intervention. To put it the same way Hawking’s would say: if the universe was not created it would just be. Hawking believes, very adamantly, in a “god of the gaps”. That is, he believes that everything science doesn’t answer is what his god did, and Hawking’s god did nothing more.

I like to refer to Scientology as an opposition to psychology; they like to refer to themselves as an “alternative” to psychology. A lot of people like to refer to Christianity as a philosophy – and this is largely true; it’s not “all there is” in Christianity, but the philosophical element is very strong and very profound. On the other hand we have the Muslim Culture, which I would describe as a political idolatry, the way that I describe any other political idolatry (extreme left lunatics, etc). So I want to talk a bit about the both of them, because let’s face it – it is undeniably important.

Some of you will know that I recently deleted my facebook account, no big deal. What you probably don’t know is that one of the things I just couldn’t stomach – at all – was their censoring of “everybody draw Muhammad day”. I didn’t even know that the group was a protest against the censoring of Southpark “201” – the most heavily censored episode in the history of South Park, IMO. The very idea that Facebook would block access to a group based on ethnicity is something I find so offensive I cannot possibly be a part of it. And I am no anti-racist. Racism has caused some of the biggest problems for society, but blatant anti-racism is just responding to evil with evil and I detest it.

It’s like how Australians are so “Anti-Whaling”, completely ignorant of the world view, completely ignorant of culture, completely ignorant that Whale populations are increasing – it’s the majority view, that’s all it is. The majority of the social group you’re in, anyway.

Do you know why 201 was censored to the point that not only is every single possible reference to Muhammad censored, not to mention the closing statements of all the characters were also censored? 201 was never aired in the UK. Will I host it on my website when 201 is released uncensored? Of course! I’ll do it until the copyright holder tells me not to, but I wouldn’t remove it because some Muslims find it offensive and want to respond with violence. (By the way please note that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are pro-file-sharing, but ultimately Comedy Central owns the IP rights so if they say “take down” I’d say “yeah whatever, at least people got to see the version you didn’t approve”).

I don’t care about the Muslim culture, it’s insignificant to me. The Qur’an condones violence, make no mistake, Christians are the ones who don’t condone violence. That’s why Matt Stone and Try Parker can release episodes like “Bloody Mary” without fear of violent response (great satire of the 10 steps BTW), but they go to criticise Muslims and they’re sent death threats. Now you know why I don’t care to “accept” other religions; if I had it my way we’d be turning Muslim immigrants away at the boarder and we’d ban the religion in Australia. It’s a conflict of interest: Communism and Capitalism cannot co-exist. Yeah, yeah under Islamic law I probably deserve the death-sentence for being an “enemy of Muhammad”, all the more reason to ban Islam in Australia!

This brings us to the Cult of Scientology. I quite like the little flash animation I’ve used to link to www.xenu.net, what I like most about it is that it’s a “Public Warning”. When it comes to WWII history, Scientologists are worse than Holocaust deniers. I’m not going to get into specifics about Holocaust deniers – most of them are not lunatics, they just can’t fathom that 6 million Jews were gassed, and as a result most argue that the total was less. To me that’s a more intelligent argument than Scientology makes. At least it’s based on common sense.

Scientology blames the Holocaust on modern psychology. Specifically they claim that it created Hitler. The Nazi’s practised euthanasia because of their belief in Eugenics. It’s pretty pathetic that they have to capitalize on one of the most misunderstood eras in History. Or that they think that the Holocaust and Modern Medicine are siblings who belong in the one group.

You see that little flash animation at the bottom of the page quoting Justice Anderson? Don’t think that’s invented – Justice Anderson QC, wrote and published a report in 1965 that lead to Scientology being banned in Victoria, in Western Australia and in South Australia. In Anderson’s words:

“While making an appeal to the public as a worthy system whereby ability, intelligence and personality may be improved, it employs techniques which further its real purpose of securing domination over and mental enslavement of its adherents. It involves the administration by persons without any training in medicine or psychology of quasi-psychological treatment, which is harmful medically, morally and socially.”

Christianity and Science are often claimed to be at opposites, though if that were the case, to reference Hawking again, how is it that a Christian theologian discovered gravity? Science is a tool, it’s not a history book. History books are not science books; if you try and understand history by studying science, instead of history you reach incredibly different conclusions.

What I’m about to say will shock some of you, so brace yourselves. In Genesis there is what is now known as the antediluvian period. That’s the period of time between the Fall and Flood. Now to give you some perspective, until relatively recently it was believed that the Pyramids were built by slaves; even though it was written quite clearly in hieroglyphs that the Pharaoh ordered it to be done to an architect who then orders labourers to do so. But a few months ago (not decades, not years, but months) they discovered the workers skeletons, there’s no doubt they were Egyptians. Suddenly a 2500-year-old myth (possibly older) was disproved.

In 1922, the Weld-Blundell Prism was discovered. It was made circa 2170 BC, which makes it some 2,000 years older than the dead sea scrolls which contain the oldest known copies of the Old Testament texts. The Weld-Blundell Prism confirms the antediluvian period, it refers to the flood as an event everyone understands, and just like in the Bible after the flood the lifespan of humans radically decrease. It even corroborates the genealogies in Genesis. It is the most complete known Sumerian King-List, it is written in Cuneiform Script – the oldest known writing system. The Sumerian people worshiped pagan gods, they were certainly not Jewish, therefore the evidence is as independent as it gets.

You can’t prove it scientifically, and you can’t disprove it. Christianity certainly doesn’t argue that science be abolished the way, say, that Scientology argues that psychology be abolished. Their belief is irrational, it is akin to taking psychology at its very early stages, and then arguing that its methods do not apply today. Who cares? Newtonian Gravity doesn’t work with QM, and it doesn’t work with GR either. It’s obsolete – but people still follow science, and they still regard Newton as influential even though his theory was incomplete. Hate groups like say PETA use the same technique – they present 30 year old evidence as representing the meat or fur or milk industries today. Like the myth that Pork can contain parasites. Australia is a very clean country, and it’s illegal to feed pigs meat, ergo they are well protected against parasites.

I can’t call Scientology the most evil organization on the planet, I can’t even call NAMBLA that. What I can say is that, like Islam, they are extremely misguided and their views are incompatible with that of modern society. Islam is motivated by violence, they’re a communist structure, and like any true communists, all their critics are their enemies, and deserve the death penalty. Remind me never, ever to go to a Muslim country because under Islamic law I deserve the death penalty and I need to stay somewhere safe from it! Scientology is a cult. Cult, cult, cult, cult, cult. C-U-L-T. It’s written – is it libel? So sue me.

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