Kevin is no longer hot, but Gillard is steaming!

Aractus 27, June, 2010

Julia Gillard

Every Australian should feel insulted today – especially ALP supporters, but everyone nonetheless. The very idea that people would actually believe that it was “Rudd’s fault” for the ALP’s record, just because he’s the leader, is – well – insulting. The ALP broke their election promises, not Rudd, the ALP.

The way in which Rudd was dumped was shameful. At least the previous coalition government went down with integrity – this time we have a government that says “hey, you know what? There’s something more important to us than policy or leadership and that’s the opinion polls”.
What an absolute shame that the first lady PM came in through this way; she could have at least come in with integrity.

I also have something to say as an Anglican – the last two PM’s were both Anglicans (in fact they still are): Kevin “07” Rudd and “Little” John Howard. In fact so was Edmund Barton, the first Prime Minister of Australia. The Christian tradition is extremely important to Australia. Before Howard it was an ALP Catholic, and if the Libs win the ’09 election we will again have a Catholic PM.

I’m not a Catholic, I’m not a Lutheran, or Adventist or Salvo or “non-denominational Christian” – I’m an Anglican. Which means that the only religion I believe to be true is any of the Christian faiths; and specifically I identify as an Anglican.

As I really don’t appreciate the influence on society from anti-Christian sources, I’m certainly in no favour of having a non-Christian leader. If you want to live in an Atheist society you should move to North Korea. But nobody wants to move there.

The legacy of the Soviet Union and China, along with North Korea, prove without a doubt what Atheism under the state accomplishes. It produces what we generally refer to as Communism; and along with it huge abuses of the sanctity of human life, or as atheists would call it “human rights”.

What integrity does the Labor government have if all they can do is create a scapegoat in the form of a straw man argument “it was all Rudd’s policy, not ours, see we’re purging him”. Wow.

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