Pornography: No child is sacred.

Aractus 03, January, 2012

HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL: Blowing the lid off the multibillion dollar industry. Child pornography laws in Australia are prohibitively, and ludicrously, strict. Child Porn is a child protection issue; yet there has been a conviction of a man for having depictions of Simpsons characters engaging in incest; and even photographs of women over 18 with an A-cup […]

What to do when viruses target antiviruses?

Aractus 25, July, 2011

One of the main reasons I don’t like running antivirus software is because I usually don’t need to. Recently I managed to install a particularly pesky virus, although mostly harmless, it would insist on closing any antivirus software that discovered it and then changing the file-permissions to disallow access to it. It also had an […]


Aractus 17, December, 2010

Atheists often believe Christians such as myself are less intellectual than they are. Recently on a certain forum I was told I should study physics; in response to this I talked nothing but physics for the remainder of the thread. Needless to say, not a single other person could even discuss it at my level. […]

PayPal and Wikileaks

Aractus 12, December, 2010

Just as a side-note, sometime soon I’ll deliver either a blog, or series of blogs, on the gap between “fact” and “theory” in physics and science. Specifically I’ll address how science (that is the mainstream accepted viewpoint) ignores certain evidence that contradicts present theories. Now with this blog entry I’m going to concentrate on only […]

Downloading is theft!

Aractus 28, September, 2010

Well, I’m going to concentrate this entire blog article on just one aspect of piracy: Australian Law. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll cover the other important issues in a blog another day. But love it, or hate it, p2p filesharing is here to stay, so it seems. I’m not a lawyer, or an expert on […]

The Web’s Dirty Little Secret: Why websites should use HTML 4.01 and not XHTML.

Aractus 21, June, 2010

Ask any Joe-Doe what a website is, and he’ll say “why it’s a resource filled with H.T.M.L. thingies those Hyper-Text Markup Language text-documents, and H.T.M.L. is what makes it look like more then just plain text, and they’re sitting on a server and the server sends those H.T.M.L. thingies to Internet Explorer what then displays […]