Prison Break is back – review

Aractus 06, April, 2017

If the early reviews are to be believed then Prison Break is in trouble, and its return is lacklustre and offensively islamophobic on a 24 scale. Before proceeding do note that some spoilers will be given towards the end of this review, after the two images of Michael’s tombstone. Let’s start with the criticisms of […]

Is OJ Innocent? A Review

Aractus 07, February, 2017

Conclusion So let me start this off by doing one of the shortest film reviews in history, and laying my cards on the table. I’m going to give the docu-series 3/10. It’s not completely terrible, but most of it is unnecessary padding, and there was no reason to make it seem like Jason is the […]

The Force Awakens: Still terrible and here’s why!

Aractus 28, December, 2016

RIP Carrie! 21-10-1956 – 27-12-2016. What a difference a year makes! Feel free to read my original review first, this is more of a supplement to that post than anything else. As usual, some spoilers are ahead. Why is the film bad? I’ve had a lot of discussions with people over the past year, many […]

Rogue One – Reviewed

Aractus 15, December, 2016

This post contains SPOILERS, however plot details are very light in this review. Well what can I say? Is it as bad as The Force Awakens? The Good Let’s start on the positives. At least this time the cinematography wasn’t awful, although the cross-cut action editing was annoying as hell. The first 20 minutes or […]

I’m NOT sorry UKTV: I will “pirate”!

Aractus 21, September, 2016

Right. It’s been exactly one year since my last deliberately provocative post on copyright. Then I was talking about Doctor Who and our inferior quality experience in Australia. Here we have Red Dwarf S11E01 which isn’t even yet scheduled for Australian broadcast. Now I am not a fan of online streaming, and I will never […]

My congratulations – Shawn Farquhar!

Aractus 17, July, 2016

Shawn Farquhar has become the first magician on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us to win twice. Now I want to preface my praise for him by going over what I (and a lot of others) have seen throughout the second season of the show – and in fact in the other tricks in the first […]

Magician stabs TV presenter’s hand!

Aractus 05, July, 2016

Marcin prepares to stab TV presenter with magic prop. Well, there’s a wonderful video of this incident, as it happened live on Polish television. I have embedded the video at the end of the blog post if you wish to view it. The Magician is Marcin Poloniewicz, reportedly a semi-finalist of “Poland’s Got Talent”. Ironically […]

My scathing review of Star Wars the Force Awakens

Aractus 17, December, 2015

This post contains SPOILERS, however I keep specific plot details out of it until the “plot” section, so that’s the most spoiler-heavy part of the post. Proceed at your discretion… Charm and Enthusiasm None, whatsoever. Atmosphere and Cinematography Terrible. Hands down the worst cinematography in a Star Wars film, and there’s a complete lack of […]

I’m NOT sorry BBC: I WILL pirate!

Aractus 21, September, 2015

Around this time last year the BBC was trying to influence Australian policy (see the TorrentFreak article, the BBC website article, and the submission itself). They claimed that Australians were pirating Doctor Who (OF COURSE THEY ARE!), despite the show being simulcast, despite the iView service, and despite being broadcast in a prime-time timeslot on […]

Kogan – just cheap rubbish?

Aractus 04, June, 2015

You know, I’ve shared my views on Apple, Google, Microsft, and others that rip us Aussie’s off by not paying taxes – in Apple’s case they also refused to honour consumer guarantees – and in Apple and Google’s cases also sell in-app purchases designed to elicit high spending through the use of operant conditioning (see […]

Breaking Bad Comic

Aractus 05, March, 2014

I present my inaugural comic! Walter White tries to explain why he wants to do a P2P cook…

Wolf Creek 2: Full Review

Aractus 04, March, 2014

I noticed Margaret and David failed to review this movie (despite giving the 2005 original 4 stars and reviewing both Hostel I and II), so I’m going to review in detail, and spoiler-free. The first movie centres around three tourists who are abducted by Mick Taylor and the four of them plus the Aussie outback are […]