“M” For Murder

Aractus 08, November, 2011

Murray is a common criminal. His actions as a doctor were deplorable enough without having caused Jackson’s death. A doctor is supposed to help your physical wellbeing. If your patient is addicted to powerful drugs which they do not need to take, or at least don’t need to take in the dosages they’re using them, […]

Greece GFC and Default!

Aractus 28, October, 2011

Today I’m launching a new series on Conspiracies. I’ve previously covered some in other entries, so today we begin fresh, and the ones already covered are archived for your enjoyment. Today I’m going to cover the Greek and USA debt crisis’s. In the USA the federal government bailed out the very financial institutions that caused […]

Was Martin Bryant framed?

Aractus 11, October, 2010

NOTICE: There is a petition on change.org, please sign it if you can. PLEASE NOTE: The information on this page is not all accurate. I am aware of many of the errors found on it, and there could be some I’m not aware of, so please do not repeat my errors, and double check anything […]